Denied Benefits?

Have you been Denied Veterans Disability Benefits?

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We work nationwide with disabled vets who have been denied disability benefits by the VA. Our Charlotte NC base legal team is highly experienced, and we routinely obtain benefits for veterans that have been previously denied, regardless of whether you applied yourself, using a veteran’s organization, or another law firm.

We also have several veterans ready, willing and able to give a testimonial. Don’t take our word for it… talk to fellow veterans who have received benefits!

Locked Out of Benefits?

Do you Feel Like You’re Locked Out of your benefits?

The VA Disability process can be extremely daunting.

The truth is, it is quite complicated. The difference between getting the benefits you deserve or being “locked out” of the benefits you should be receiving is only a matter of knowing which key to use. Our staff is highly trained and skilled and consists of a former VA Ratings Officer, a former Army Nurse, two experienced case coordinators, and a full-time attorney highly trained in Veterans Benefits & Law.


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