If you are a Veteran with a denied disability claim, usually your BEST avenue of appeal that affords you the greatest opportunity to win your case is to appeal the case to the Board of Veteran’s Appeals.  Now more than ever, it’s critical to have a competent, experienced legal advisor to help you navigate the hearing with the judge, and there are certain windows in which evidence must be filed.  It’s imperative to deal with a representative that knows your case and has worked with you to develop the evidence and legal argument needed to give your case the absolutely best chance of winning, and producing the RIGHT evidence and argument is critical at this juncture of your case.  Don’t go it alone to your BVA hearing… GO WITH JOE.  As always, the consultation is FREE, and THERE IS NO FEE UNLESS WE GET MONEY FOR YOU.

THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR LEGAL SERVICES.  Please refer to our website at www.law4veterans.com for more information.  No representation exists until your case is accepted by the firm.