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 Our Commitment

Nationwide. Veterans. Lawyers.

The staff at the law firm of Joseph M. Bochicchio, PLLC, is dedicated to serving the needs of veterans who proudly and honourably served this country. We are humbled by the opportunity to assist you.

Our staff consists of experienced attorneys and case managers who understand both the law and the inner workings of the VA. We have one simple mission: To be the best, most qualified, “results achieving team of individuals that is fully committed to working with Veterans and assisting them in their time of need.

We consult with Veterans on a variety of needs and on a daily basis. We work with volunteer organizations and politicians and strive to fulfil the unique niche of helping Veterans who have been denied benefits. We aim to help you obtain them and cut through the “red tape” in the application process to get you the disability income benefits you need and deserve.

Many of our Veterans have been through the painful process of paperwork, navigating a maze of laws, and filing what they feel is an obvious case in which they should be compensated, only to wait what seems like an eternity to find out they have been denied benefits or paid at a lower rate than what they feel is justifiable given their level of disability.

In short, the laws and regulations concerning Veteran’s disability benefits are vast and complex. We know the law, and we know how to wade through the red tape to build a convincing case that has high odds of approval if benefits are warranted. We will fight for the rights of worthy veterans.

Ultimately, many Veterans express the frustration of waiting an eternity only to get denied. We are different as our consultation is free. Let us show you why other veterans who have been just as frustrated with the process are now enjoying their days free of financial stress and knowing that they and their families will be financially secure.

Contacting us costs you nothing. We are so confident in our proven staff that we will get results for any veteran with a legitimate case that has been denied—no matter who filed your case for you—that we have no problem investing our time to help you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So call us today from anywhere in the nation to schedule your free consultation.